III Bones

III Bones is the soul, the mind, and the art of the consciousness of all that is truely alive.


Artist Bio

Our music is meant to excite your spirituality, your inner soul. It is known in Sanskrit as Jivanmukta or enlightenment. We have a goal, not of fame and fortune, but to make the world a better place. To change yourself is to change the world and we will donate all of our belongs to live this word. There are ones who are in dire need of someone to help them and I am not talking about overseas, I am talking about in your community. We are starting in the communities, helping one individual at a time, changing their heart to begin an effect to change all.

Our message is enjoy each day to its full potential. Go outside and breathe clean air, stretch, and eat. Be good to one another and keep a smile on your face for a smile is contagious whether the person with the frown knows it or not. Begin with yourself and others will learn the ways of happiness and tranquility.